You’re One in a Minion My Valentine

I do not know what it is about these little yellow guys, but I just can’t get enough of them! They always put a smile on my face and manage to make me laugh! That is why creating these Minion Valentines was a MUST on my holiday to-do’s.

I thought it may be hard to find Twinkies on the Gold Coast, but you would be surprised at what your local IGA carries or what national candy shops are around the corner.

This DIY Valentine is very simple and only requires the following materials:

  • Twinkies,
  • Construction Paper (blue, black &grey),
  • Googly eyes,
  • Scissors, &
  • Glue gun

Step One:

Gather all the materials needed. Start with cutting the construction paper to size. The blue paper is to make the overalls, the black paper is to make the goggle strap and the grey paper is to make the eye shape.

Minion Materials Required

Step Two:

Measure the blue and black paper to fit around the Twinkie. Now cut to size. The grey paper can be cut slightly larger then the googly eye.

Overall Minion Fitting

Paper Pieces

Step Three:

Layout the cut pieces of paper on the Twinkie and glue each piece in place by using a hot glue gun. Remember to be careful when using a hot glue gun.

Gluing Each Piece In Place

Step Four:

Once all the pieces are glued in place, let the minion set long enough for the glue to dry. This will ensure all of the pieces stay in place.

Step Five:

You have created your own Minion Valentine! You can be as creative as you like. Each Minion has its own unique look, so use your imagination. Don’t forget to add a little love message to your Valentine!


Twinkie Minions

You're One in a Minion


The Minion for my Valentine

You're One in a Minion My Valentine

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