Tara Beth Events at Confetti Fair

Having spent so much time creating the Tara Beth Events booth at the Brisbane Confetti Fair, I thought I had to write about it! Looking back now it is hard to believe the amount of time and work that went into the creation of my booth.

I love to plan and receiving the opportunity to be a part of the Confetti Fair (a boutique event exhibit) plus attend Kara’s Party Planning Workshop, excited me!

Tara Beth Events provides a service, so how was I going to make the most of this opportunity?! How was I going to display the business and my work to get the best return?!

I started by brainstorming different booth concepts; with so many ideas running through my head I needed to run them by other people. In the end, the concept I thought was best was displaying three different party ideas…great idea but three times the work! Luckily, I love to plan, so it was more like play and less like work.

I went through the process of selecting three party ideas. I wanted to try to reach all of the needs of the Confetti Fair attendees. The first party concept was a Slumber Party, targeted towards parents planning for their children’s birthday parties. The second concept was a Geometric themed party, a trendy concept taking over Pinterest that can be implemented to various occasions. The third concept was Sequin and Bow Ties, targeting those people wanting a more elegant affair.

Tara Beth Events Confetti Fair Booth

I didn’t stop there… I then wanted the three party ideas to intertwine, maximizing the party planning opportunities!

After selecting the three party concepts, I went back to the drawing board…literally! I drew a mock-up of what I wanted my booth to look like – a three step platform for each party concept. I had never done any woodwork before, but I had a vision. I started to visualize what I wanted each step to display… invites, décor, food, beverages, table setting needs, games…

Now it was time to select the items that would best suit each party theme. I searched online and went to several different shops for items such as:

  • Glassware
  • Candy and nibblies
  • Invites that were beautifully crafted by Paper Dolls
  • A fabulous peach sequence table cloth provided by Covered

And of course hours were spent on Pinterest trying to find the latest DIY ideas!

DIY Collage

It was time to make my plan a reality. To build the wooden structure with the help of my boyfriend, Jacques (thank you, thank you!), to create each DIY task, to display the items as I wanted them to appear on the day of the fair and add the extra touches to each item along the way. Keeping in mind all three party ideas, displaying them in a unique way, while showing that each party idea can be interchangeable throughout all themes.

Building Tara Beth Events booth

I was very pleased with the Tara Beth Events booth at the Confetti Fair and the response from attendee’s. A pat on the back for me!

Slumber Party


Kids breakfast cereal

Slumber party, milk jars, strawberry milk, pink milt, paper straws, name flags, name tags, sleep over party, sleep mask invite, girls birthday party


Sequins and bow tie party

Candy floss bubbly


Geometric party

Geometric candy display

Ring Pops

Liquorice candy

Mason jar geometric drink Mason Jars with chalk label

Geometric cutlery setting

Oreo Cookie Tower

Sparkle, geometric shapes, Tara Beth Events Business card holder

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