Five tips to create a successful charity event on a budget

Every host wants to have the best event where their guests feel special, have fun and leave with lasting memories. To achieve this, there is a great amount of work and detail that goes into planning each and every event.

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Super Easy DIY Cocktail Sticks

You’re probably used to me saying, little touches make things more special and personal. These little touches can be very simple. Today I am going to show you how to dress-up your next cocktail! Perfect for any occasion and literally takes a minute to make.

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Learn how to make Chocolate Avocado Quinoa Muffins through this step-by-step video

Food is a large part of an event, which is why I enjoy reading food blogs, following celebrity chefs, and pinning new food ideas and recipes. It allows me to know what people love and what can ‘wow’ people at an event. Exploring these channels allows me to plan great events for my clients and to host amazing parties of my own.

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Charlotte & Craig’s Formals on the Isle of Capri

Congratulation to my two friends, Charlotte & Craig! I had the pleasure of attending their wedding on the Gold Coast and was lucky enough to travel to Italy shortly after the two honeymooned on the Isle of Capri. I fell in love with Italy, the food, the culture and the beauty surrounding the country. I cannot wait to go back!

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DIY Glitter Bowtie Pasta Garland

I may have a problem when it comes to DIY projects – I feel the need to try them ALL, especially those involving glitter! There is something about that beautiful sparkly look that gets me every time.

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